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Apogee Electronics

"Apogee provides the kind of superior sound quality and usability that I look for in my studio designs both as a user and as a designer. In my latest design, I chose to make Apogee's Symphony I/O the centerpiece because in a fast paced creative environment there is no time to question the equipment. With Apogee's reputation I can always count on Symphony to capture exactly what I am hearing without compromise."

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Source Elements

"We've been recording vocals for Marc's upcoming album using Source-Connect Pro, connecting Marc's partner in Miami and Marc's studio in New York. It has been an important part of our recording process because it allows us to link up at a moments notice regardless of distance. Scheduling is no longer a burden simply because Source-Connect Pro exists. Source-Connect Pro does away with many of those tedious challenges. Being able to communicate in realtime and provide immediate feedback is essential in this process".
- Jim Annunziato, Engineer